What if you could eliminate daily struggles and make your entrepreneurial experience a lot easier?

Your Brain Rewired

A 90-day program for high-achieving entrepreneurs,
designed to take you to Peak Brain Performance.

Imagine an ambitious entrepreneur who has found a way to handle clients, business operations AND marketing with ease.

This entrepreneur actually has the freedom she started the business for. More time for family and friends. More time to do what she loves.

Not because she does less. Not because she’s playing it small. But because everything is in place.

Podcast episodes for the 3 months are recorded.
Marketing emails for the next month are written.
And short form social media videos? Those were done ages ago!

This entrepreneur connects with her clients in a way that others haven’t been able to. She understands them in deeper ways and serves them in the best way possible. Her clients get such high results that referrals are always coming in.

And when those new clients come in? The onboarding process is smooth and meaningful. She focuses on building the relationship right away because she doesn’t have to be bogged down with administrative tasks.

Although she knows problems will arise, (‘cuz that’s part of life!) She never has to worry about them. She knows she’s equipped to deal with any challenging situation and will figure out a creative solution quickly.

This entrepreneur has a team of employees who are well-trained and motivated to help run and expand the business. She has developed a positive and productive work culture, where the employees get the work done on time, feel valued for who they are and are willing to do anything for the company.

This entrepreneur doesn’t break a sweat.
While everyone else panics, she stays calm.
She’s the walking embodiment of personal excellence and high performance…

And because of that, she’s in a goal-smashing cycle of achievement without limitations.

In fact…
She’s so effective… so outrageously on top of their game…

Those around them just want to know, “HOW DO YOU DO IT?!”

Doesn’t this sound like bliss?

Well, what if I told you that…
This entrepreneur could be YOU.

The only difference between you and this entrepreneur is they’ve trained their brain to peak performance…

And once you figure out how to reach yours…
You’ll become unstoppable in just about anything you do.

I’m talking about greater focus, better-quality results,
and faster progress.

Achieving MORE, by doing LESS.

Being able to smartly manage the day-to-day challenges that block your momentum and stunt your growth.

And owning the knowledge to improve the skills behind the skills…
So, you can learn, develop, and grow at a rapid rate without adding more overwhelm, stress, and anxiety to your life.

See, the real reason many entrepreneurs struggle to maintain momentum as they scale is not because they aren’t giving it everything they’ve got (and more!)...

It’s because they haven’t yet trained their brain to approach each task in the most efficient and effective way possible.

So let me ask you if this sounds familiar…

  • You’re a big-picture thinker but organizing your thoughts and putting them into a clear and concise action plan feels impossible…
  • You crave the thrill of achievement but you’re easily distracted and can go off-piste for hours browsing any one of your 54 open tabs…
  • You see yourself as a massively capable business person (and you are!) but find yourself constantly late for meetings or losing important documents without knowing why (what gives?).
  • You know, deep down, you’re darn good at what you do but too often you’re left feeling under-prepared, which causes your anxiety to spike.
  • You want to live your entrepreneurial life to the max but the sheer volume of things on the “to-do” list makes you wonder if you’re “cut out for it’”.

If anything on this list resonates with you…

You’re probably feeling time-starved and energy-zapped just trying to figure out how to figure it all out!

Now, you might think to yourself…
“But I’m a smart cookie. I’ve got this far, haven’t I?”

And there’s no denying you’ve got lots of stuff right so far.

But there could also be a voice in your head that reminds you of your full potential.

A voice that says…
“I’m never going to make my vision a concrete reality if I spend every day wondering where the time has gone and how I’ve managed to create more problems than I’ve solved!”

You might believe the answer to this conundrum lies in courses and coaching programs offering helpful strategies to manage your external environment…

You know the types.

They usually have titles such as…
🔹 30 days to time management mastery
🔹​ 2 weeks to 10X your productivity
​🔹 Swap procrastination for focus-nation

But, truthfully, they seldom offer a viable solution.

Because they fail to address the core problem…

Which is a THINKING problem, not a DOING problem.


Your Brain Rewired

A hands-on approach to help you bridge the gap between your cognitive strengths and weaknesses so you can overcome every challenge — and capitalize on every opportunity that you face in business.

Let’s break this down…

Every single person has
28 cognitive functions.

These are different, but related skills in your brain that involve learning and problem-solving. 👩‍🔬

They govern the 🧠 brain’s ability to take in information (perception) and then make decisions (judging)...

And these cognitive functions affect almost all of your daily actions.

💪 Some are naturally stronger than others…

Which means you have areas of weakness, too.
(That’s nothing to stress out about at all, by the way…it’s called being human!)


Having even just ONE weak cognitive function can make it hard for you to do your daily tasks in the most effective way possible.

This is why you might:

😶 Struggle to communicate clearly and concisely to your team, leading to miscommunication.

🤷‍♂️ ​Find it difficult to make important decisions in your business, without relentlessly second-guessing yourself.

🤹‍♀️ Feel like you’ve got 1,000 tasks to complete TODAY, without knowing how to prioritize and plan forward.

Face challenges delegating tasks to your team, leading to way too much work for yourself and burnout.

📱 ​Become easily distracted by unimportant details when you’ve got a task you just need to get done — it can feel impossible to stay focused.

All of this slows down business growth because you’re losing pockets of time each day to those weak cognitive functions.

But what if instead, you could…

😀 Understand exactly why you find some tasks more difficult than others…

📍 Pinpoint the areas of weakness…

🧠 And rewire your brain for cognitive excellence and high-level functionality?

A.K.A - Solve the problem BEHIND the problem.

So you can finally…

🌟 Excel at every task without losing focus.

🌟 Scale your business without the overwhelm.

🌟 Manage your team without miscommunication.

🌟 Face any new business challenge knowing exactly how best to handle it.

🌟 Live a smooth-sailing entrepreneurial life as your default.

🌟 Be the leader who has it all under control.

🌟Surprise yourself with just how much is possible when the solution to every problem is obvious.

Your Brain Rewired is a 90-day program that helps you improve the brain of your business so you can start seeing quality results faster… without losing precious hours to inefficient ways of THINKING (and working)

““I struggle with ADHD and was not able to function until I started working with ST. I can now plan, organize, deal with challenges, and support my husband in the best way possible. Feuerstein has taught me lots of strategies that I now know I can be successful. It’s oxygen for the mind. Thank you so much for changing my life, ST!”

-Rachel S.

Meet your Brain Coach…


And I'm here to help you make your entrepreneurial life EASIER.

I’ve been studying The Feuerstein Method since 5th grade.

Yup, that’s right!
I’ve been practicing my art since I was just 11 years old.

And that’s because I was a student for many years before I became the master.

See, when I was in 5th grade, I was still struggling with my reading skills. 

At one point, my parents were easily spending up to $2K per month on tutors and support with no meaningful progress to show for it.


This is when I first started working through The Feuerstein Method…

And it has delivered the greatest ROI for my progress to date…

Not only for my reading skills — but for ALL aspects of my life.

Years later, I also took Tony Robbins’s RPM program

It was all about planning and creating your to-do list based on what motivates you.

And sure enough, I couldn’t implement all of the training.

I understood it but I couldn’t DO it.


I discovered I had a weak cognitive function that was stopping me from being able to plan ahead

I was a DO IT NOW, kinda gal

Which served me well in many ways…

But it was a hindrance in many others.

Once I strengthened that cognitive function, I went back to Tony’s training, and guess what?

Hey, presto! It worked.

Now, I don’t want to make it sound like magic…

But it sure felt pretty magical! 🌟

You see, most of the time when we recognize we have a problem, we address it with a surface-level solution.

(Hello, Band-Aid!🩹) 

We go out of our way trying to find tools, techniques, and new habits.

And that’s not always a bad idea…

But then we’re often left wondering why it only lasted for a few weeks before things fall by the wayside.

And that’s because we didn’t address the underlying WHY.

We fail to ask ourselves the most important questions…

WHY can’t you prioritize tasks?
WHY can’t you plan for the future?
WHY do you feel so disorganized?
WHY do you struggle to communicate clearly?

It’s like an emotional eater wanting to try a new diet without understanding what triggers their binges.

It’s easy to see how they may end up unsuccessful…

And that's why Your Brain Rewired addresses the core problems that lead to:

👌 Greater Focus…

👌 Increased Productivity…

👌 Effective Communication…

👌 And Maximum Efficiency…

👌 ALL with less effort.

And once you tackle the core cognitive functions that feed into all of that goodness…

You’ve got those skills FOR LIFE.

You see, every single skill is powered by a core cognitive function.

The only way to seriously upgrade your skills in business is to upgrade how you think.

To get Peak Business Performance, you need Peak BRAIN Performance.

So let me show you how to get it…

Your Brain Rewired…

Start your journey to peak brain performance
and rapid business growth!

Each group cohort is limited to a maximum of 6 clients.

You will be working in a safe space with other like-minded entrepreneurs committed to personal excellence and peak professional performance.

You’ll each receive customized support depending on what your brain needs.

You won’t be given cookie-cutter advice…

Instead, you’ll get tailored support so that everything we do together is designed for you, your brain, and your specific struggles.

Your Brain Rewired - Unleashing potential via peak brain performance

Over the course of 90 days you’ll receive 24 workshop style-sessions where you get exactly what YOU need.

Each week you’ll be given specific brain exercises to complete.

I’ll observe how you work through each exercise (these will gradually increase in difficulty), and I’ll identify which cognitive functions need strengthening.

Through the process of mediation (questioning and exploration), you’ll receive personalized feedback and guidance.

This will help you develop strategies for solving the exercise and learn how to apply this to real-life scenarios — a process known as “bridging”.

You’ll also get…

Your learning materials sent to your door.

Yup! Everything you need neatly packaged for you so you don’t need to scramble to print papers or find what you need.


2 x brain exercises emailed between sessions

You will be given exercises to complete in between sessions to maintain momentum. Your brain is a big ole’ muscle that needs continuous flexing. It’s important you’re committed to the program both in and out of sessions.

Rewiring those neural pathways is all about creating new thinking habits, and if you’ve ever tried to change a habit, you know it requires patience and persistence… but the end result will last you a lifetime.

“I would highly recommend Feuerstein to everyone because it helps you better maximize your potential! Not only is Feuerstein amazing! But, to be lucky enough to have an instructor like ST Rappaport who knows what she’s doing, and is extremely professional made the experience a thousand times better! Every session was imbued with excitement and positive energy that made this an enjoyable and productive experience. Thank You so so much!!”

-Scarlet F.

Here’s what life might look like
before we rewire your brain:

  • You don’t know which tasks to do first
  • ​You spend too long ‘figuring it out’
  • ​You’re sometimes late for meetings (or missing them entirely)
  • ​You’re constantly grasping to feel on top of things
  • ​You often feel anxious and overwhelmed
  • ​You sometimes forget important information
  • ​You never feel fully prepared for meetings
  • ​Your team don’t always follow or understand your directions
  • ​You sometimes struggling to understand and implement new information
  • ​You’ve frozen in the past when you needed to make a key decision
  • ​You have a habit of letting your deadlines creep up on you
  • ​You sometimes even completely avoid certain tasks because there’s just so much to do!

Here are just some examples of how things will be different when you strengthen those weaker cognitive functions…

Here are just some examples of how things will be different when you strengthen those weaker cognitive functions…

💥 Cognitive Function: Time
Feel calm, prepared, and on top of your calendar
(Without feeling like everything is a mad rush!)

💥Cognitive Function: Perseverance
See every failure and challenge as an opportunity
(Without losing confidence in your capabilities)

💥Cognitive Function: Focusing/Perceiving
Identify the important detail in a sea of information overload
(Without feeling lost trying to figure out which to do first)

💥Cognitive Function: Labeling
Speak precisely so your team and clients understand you
(Without needing to troubleshoot any miscommunication)

💥Cognitive Function: Collecting Precise & Accurate Data
Obtain all of the necessary and relevant data from clients to ensure you excel at delivery.
(Without running back and forth trying to chase information that was missed the first time around)

💥Cognitive Function: Working Memory
Remember new skills and new information
(So you spend less time trying to remember or re-learn)

We’re not just looking at one cognitive function in isolation.

There are 28 in total and to do certain tasks effectively, we’re looking at groups of cognitive functions that work together to maximize your input and output.

When we have one or two that let the side down, that’s when we’re left with the frustration of struggling with seemingly simple tasks.

But make no mistake…

It is in the daily struggle that many entrepreneurs cost themselves time, money, and progress.

You can save yourself hours by creating efficiency in your day-to-day life that will sky-rocket you toward the next goal faster than you imagined possible.

And when you join Your Brain Rewired, you’ll also get these bonuses too…

BONUS #1: The Ultimate Game Guide

Once you’ve identified those weaker cognitive functions, you can use The Ultimate Game Guide to play your way to greater efficiency!
Games are so good to help you rewire your brain. It gives you another opportunity to work on a specific cognitive function in a relaxed and fun manner. 

BONUS #2: 30 Peak Brain Performance Strategies 

Never feel like you don't know what to do, when you hit a wall! This list of 30 Strategy will help guide your brain to Peak Brain Performance so you can figure out the situation with ease. 

BONUS #3: Mindset by Carol Dweck

‘Changing the way you think to fulfill your potential
That’s exactly what you and I will be doing in our work together. This book offers profound insight into the mindset required for high-level success and achievement. It’s not just about how you do each task, it’s how you think about each task before you do it.

We’re helping your brain cultivate a love for learning and growth, this book sums it up perfectly!

By the end of this program, you will…

👍 Identify and strengthen your specific cognitive deficiencies.

👍 Focus on the tasks that matter, even when you have a ton to do.

👍 Increase productivity and efficiency so you never end the day feeling like you ‘could have done more.’

👍 Speak to your team so they listen and understand, first time.

👍 Be able to come up with a solution to every challenge, no matter how big or small.

👍 Problem-solve and troubleshoot any situation in record time.

"My life is so much easier. I can focus, I’m not as worried or pressured and I have a much easier time overcoming challenges. I’m really proud of myself and how far I’ve come!"
-Dave T.

Is YBR right for you?

This program is ideal for you if…

✅You’ve tried everything to increase productivity, but nothing has given you the results you dreamed of. 

✅You’re committed to your own growth and transformation.

✅You understand the problem is more than surface deep.

✅You’re looking for long-term ROI (not quick hacks).

✅You know the daily struggles are costing you time, money, and effort.

✅You’re sick of feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do.

✅You’re ready to scale but doubt your ability to manage the increased workload.

✅ You’re neurotypical, neurodiverse and anything in between (this works for EVERY brain!)

✅You’re a high achiever who’s reached a plateau.

Here’s everything you’ll get with your investment:

Here’s everything you’ll get with your investment:

Your Brain Rewire | 90 day program for entrepreneurs

24 high-energy workshops delivered twice a week

Live over Zoom, where we do cool brain exercises. Everyone gets to ask their questions and join in the conversation. (Mics on y’all!)

Your Brain wired | Customized support

Customized brain training delivered to your unique requirements

Nothing cookie-cutter here! 
Every session you get personalized mediation based on what you need. 

Your Brain Rewired | Emailed exercises

2 additional brain training exercises emailed to you in between EVERY session

So you can sharpen your cognitive functions and put into practice everything you’re learning.

Your Brain Rewired |all materials delivered to your door

All of your learning materials for the program, delivered to your door via snail mail 

Yes… actual, physical workbooks and checklists that you can hold in your hands and work through as you learn!

668302 png

Recordings Available

we know life happens and you may miss a live session, therefore all the recordings will be able for you during out 90-day period together.

668318 png

All of this with a monthly payment plan available.

Spread the cost over 3 months if you wish.

Your Brain Rewired | The Ultimate Game Guide

FREE BONUS #1: The Ultimate Game Guide

Improving your cognitive functions isn’t boring - especially when you do with games.

2099704 png

30 Peak Brain Performance Strategies

A list of the best strategies you can use to help you deal with the next unexpected challenge.

Your Brain Rewired Book

FREE BONUS #3: A copy of Mindset by world-renowned psychologist, Carol Dweck

A book (not an ebook!) that gives you deep insights into what it takes to achieve high levels of success.

Upgrade the thinking skills that underpin everything you do in life and business and reap the rewards for decades to come.

THIS is what gives you the competitive edge.

Let’s talk about THAT for ROI, shall we?!


1. How do I know this will work for me?

We all have the same 28 cognitive functions, and some are weaker than others. It’s all about figuring out which are your areas of deficiency so we can strengthen them.

Every session is bespoke to each individual client which means we’re constantly tweaking and adjusting depending on you and your needs — there’s no generic teaching here. Every session is highly applicable to your and your specific cognitive functions.

The Feuerstein Method is the method of learning how to learn.

Which means it’s accessible to all different ages, capabilities, and learning types.

2. Why is this different from other coaching programs on productivity?

Your Brain Rewired tackles the core underlying reason behind why you struggle with your productivity.

Giving another “tool” or “hack” to someone who struggles with focus and time management is like asking a deaf person to listen. It’s not that they aren’t listening, it’s that they can’t.

The same goes for productivity.

For example, you might think you need to eliminate distractions and you have likely tried that already! But what we’re doing is understanding WHY you struggle with productivity.

You will have certain cognitive functions that are weak which means every time you try and implement a new way of increasing your productivity, you likely fall short (eventually).

That’s because you haven’t addressed the actual problem.

Once you identify the cognitive functions that are not allowing you to effectively implement the tools and lessons to help with productivity, you can work to strengthen them.

And you know what that means?

It means the next time you try and implement new habits to boost productivity, it’s supported by those cognitive functions that will allow them to stick!

3. What if I can’t commit to 2 sessions per week?

Recordings of each session are available.

However, you will get the most out of this program by attending as many live sessions as possible so I can mediate you throughout the process.

If you’re concerned about the time commitment, this is the perfect opportunity to consider why 2 sessions per week may leave you feeling stretched.

The irony here is, by joining the program, we’re going to work on those cognitive functions that contribute to better time management, efficiency, and productivity. This means that by working together over the next 90 days, you will in fact SAVE TIME.

If you feel like you’re “too busy” to commit, it’s likely a sign that this program is what you need in your life.

All I will say is those who engage in ALL the live sessions will see the most improvement.

4. How do I join?

You can submit an application to be in the next cohort HERE.

Once you’ve submitted the application form, I’ll evaluate your application and respond via email to let you know if you’ve been accepted.

If you’re in, you’ll get sent a payment link and a contract to sign.

You’ll also receive a cognitive functions assessment so that both you and I can evaluate the current status of your cognitive functions which helps me meet you where you’re at!

5. I’ve tried so many other programs, but nothing has worked. Why would this be different?

Many clients come to me after they’ve completed numerous other courses and programs.

And it’s not that those programs can’t work for them, it’s just that they can’t work for them YET.

Similar to my experience with the Tony Robbins Training, it wasn’t until after working through the Feuerstein Method (again) that I was able to implement the work. The problem wasn’t with the program, it was that I couldn’t do the work effectively because of cognitive function deficiencies.

The same is likely true of you.

The work you’ve done up until this point might be very helpful, but if you don’t have the ability to understand and process new information and then implement it, then there’s a barrier to what you can do.

Your Brain Rewired is what will make it so ANY new lessons you learn moving forward to enhance your business can be absorbed and applied with immediate effect (you could even go back to those trainings you’ve already done, and notice the change in how you’re able to use that information)

Again, we’re addressing the root cause of the problems here, we’re not simply putting a Band-Aid on it.

6. Will I have direct feedback from you if it’s in a group setting?


With every new cohort, I only take 6 new clients.

It’s a close-knit group of like-minded entrepreneurs with the same goal in mind — to make entrepreneurial life easier, minimize the daily struggle, maximize efficiency and pave the way for rapid growth.

With every session, I will be a mediator for every client. What sets this group program apart is that you’ll have direct feedback from me every session. I’ll help you understand how to apply the new skills you learn and your newfound knowledge to your very specific life circumstances.

In short, although this might be held in a group setting, it remains highly tailored to the individual.

What if you could eliminate daily struggles and make your entrepreneurial experience a lot easier?

Your Brain Rewired

A 90-day program for high-achieving entrepreneurs, designed to take you to Peak Brain Performance.

Currently accepting applications until
Jan 29, 2023